Jonathan Club

Wedding venue in Los Angeles & Santa Monica,

Jonathan Club, Los Angeles & Santa Monica, CA

Jonathan Club, Los Angeles & Santa Monica, CA

Wedding venue in Los Angeles & Santa Monica

Jonathan Club is a private social club with a rich history. With two locations — one in downtown Los Angeles and one on the Santa Monica beach — Jonathan Club offers its members the very best of southern California, and so much more.

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Jonathan Club maintains exclusive relationships with reciprocal clubs across the United States and worldwide. Whether traveling for business or pleasure, members enjoy the same standard of amenities and services at reciprocal clubs as they would at the Club. With one simple call, members are ensured that home never feels too far away.


Wedding videography


Jonathan Club, Los Angeles & Santa Monica, CA

Wedding video Thuy & Michael

Wedding in Jonathan Club

We are very thankful and proud that Thuy & Michael chose us as their wedding videographers! We wish you guys the million days of happiness!

From our professional point of view as photographers and videographers - Jonathan Club is one of the best location for a wedding.

Film by LifeStory.Film
Location: Jonathan Club, Los Angeles
Joel Evans and Friends Dancing In Sunshine // licensed through songfreedom.com

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