LA Athletic Club, Los Angeles, CA

Right in the heart of downtown LA is an elegant piece of history. The twelve-story Beaux-Arts-style building designed in 1912 is home to the Los Angeles Athletic Club. The club occupies the top three floors of the building, boasting panoramic views of the iconic LA skyline, including the nearby Staples Center, Los Angeles Convention Center, and LA Live.

The Los Angeles Athletic Club dates all the way back to 1880 before the building was even built. Staying at the hotel or hosting an event there requires membership in the club, which you can purchase for a small $25 fee, and which allows you access to all of the club’s amenities–the bars and restaurants and the athletic facilities. And it’s your entry into using the luxurious facilities for a beautiful wedding.

Getting ready for your wedding at this venue is a joyful experience. As part of your wedding package, you will have access to one of the hotel’s nine suites for wedding prep. Each suite in this boutique hotel is unique and custom-designed. All suites are furnished in warm, stately hues and patterns, including Frette linens on the beds. You’ll have the time of your life relaxing, being pampered, and making memories together with your bridal party. As an added bonus, this venue includes an overnight suite for the bride and groom.


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