“The videographer ruined my shot of the grand entrance!” – disgruntled wedding photographer
“That photographer keeps using her flash!” – disgruntled wedding videographer
The drama between wedding photographers and videographers not from the same agency is real.
As seasoned wedding industry professionals know, the two can often butt heads jockeying for space and the perfect shot on the busy wedding day. The solution to this issue is simple: book a single combined photography and videography package. Here are 5 reasons why:

1) Shared Motivation and Accountability
While their mediums are different, the ultimate goal of a wedding photographer and videographer is the same: to capture the best possible images from the wedding. Both of their business reputations are on the line.
When you hire both from the same company you align priorities and both professionals are
motivated to create the best possible unified product. With the same goal but teams are more willing to share time and communicate and coordinate together. With one company accountable for the final results, individual creative teams can’t blame each other for missed shots, ruined shots, poor communication and other potential problems.
2) Better Communication All Around
Teams that hail from the same agency have experience working with one another and can
anticipate each other’s positioning, style, and needs. This familiarity results in fewer shots “
ruined” by one team hindering the angle of the other. Another way to think of it is like this. If you want to hire a band for your wedding would you hire the guitarist from one band, the drummer from a different band and the vocalist from yet another? No – that would be a mess. Instead, you want professionals that already know how to perform together. Here are a few of the many situations that we have experienced where having a photo and cinema team from the same agency is the right choice:
First Dance: Our professionals know that our photo teams want a few wide-angle shots of the couple’s first dance before moving on to close-up and medium crops. Therefore, our
videography team stays clear of the dance floor for the first ten seconds, allowing our photo team to capture what they need before moving in for actions shots closer to the couple.
Couples Session: Our photography teams know when our videography teams need drone shots
during a couple’s session. During this time they find a covered or dark shaded area in order to
stay out of the video.
Walking Shots: During the couples session there are certain shots both photo and video need. An example is a casual and fun walking shot that introduces movement into the posing set. During the walk, both teams stay side by side shooting the same thing at the same time. This kind of team work, rather than competition, is a reason to hire professionals from the same agency.
Heartfelt Messages: During prep time our videographers need audio recordings of short
messages from the bride to the groom and vice versa. These are beautiful, heartfelt moments that call for silence in the room. Our photo team is aware of our cinema team’s needs and will go into quiet mode – using silent shutter on their cameras and no flash. Such teamwork lets both teams capture what they need from these special moments.
3) A Shared Vision and Style
A consistent style and quality is ensured when you book a combined photography and videography package. You will experience a shared vision with your photo and video teams.
Why does this matter? If you happen to dislike a specific pose, everyone will share that vision
and knowledge. If you want to bypass cheesy poses, everyone is on the same page. If you want a journalistic look and feel to your wedding, everyone can work together to bring your vision to life. Here are some of our weddings that exhibit the style consistency between photo and video:

4) Less Paper and Leg Work
By using the same company for both photography and videography you’ll save time in the booking process. You can set up a single meeting for both photography and videography, communicate with one manager, sign one set of contracts and have just one wedding photography and videography meeting pre-wedding. Booking with multiple companies will double the amount of time and paperwork you’ll need to deal with.
5) Wedding Photography and Videography Package Discounts
Although price probably isn’t your determining factor when shopping for your photography and videography, it’s a bonus that most companies (including ours) offer pricing discounts when you book photography and videography together. For a custom quote, contact our studio management. Thank you for reading and for considering our insight. We – both photo and cinema – look forward to working with you on your special day.