"They saying that these days it’s hard to build strong relationships. People don’t want to get married or marriage doesn’t last for a while.

LifeStory.Film has strong family values and we believe in love.

By being a wedding videographer for many years we had had a chance to interview more than 500 couples. Our main question was: “What is the main keystone of strong relationships?”

And the answer is very simple but same time is very powerful.

The key to last-long relationships is the respect to each other traditions, values, backgrounds, and personalities. What is respect- it is acceptance and embracing of who you and your significant one are.

We really wish that our film will inspire millions of people all over the world to lose the fear of building the family! We want to spark your heart!" - Creative Producer Rick Lykov

Leo Tolstoy

“When you love someone, you love the person as they are, and not as you'd like them to be.”


Story of Real Love

This story about bride and groom who’s love being tested on the wedding day. By going through the wedding preparation couple forget about the main point of the sacrament - unconditional love and respect to each other. They start a fight because he saw her in the wedding gown before the ceremony and in the minute of anger she throw her ring on the floor...

But the universe decides to give them one more chance and teleport them to a desert, the place where you forget about superstitions, the place which opens their eyes to the most important things - true love means respect and support. On the verge of death, the exchanging wedding vows that give them a ticket back to the wedding day. They have one more chance to live the same day from the very beginning, but this time without the fight.


Thanks to all our team and partners

We want to thank everyone who was behind the scene of this project:
Produced by LifeStory.FIlm
DP: Denis Emelyanov
Dresses: Madeleine Fig
Tuxedo: Sene
Shoes: Wolf & Shepherd
Flowers: DB Creativity
MUAH Day1: Rachel Saray
MUAH Day2: Emma Caughman
Estate: Malibu Solstice Estate
Planner: Beth Pearcey Neal
Harrison Bader - groom
Gabriella Wisdom - bride
Arysa Lalonde - Bridesmaid
Sheila D - Bridesmaid

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